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Consular regulations


  • Civil Code, no.1107-XV issued in June 6th 2002
  • Code of civil procedure, no.225 issued in May 30th 2003
  • Contravention Code of the Republic of Moldova, no.218 as of October 24th 2008
  • Family Code no.1316 issued in October 26th 2000
  • Law on state national frontier of the Republic of Moldova, no.108 as of May 17th 1994
  • Law on petitions, no.190-XIII issued in July 19th 1994
  • Law on identity card in the national passport system, no.273-XIII as of November 9th 1994
  • Law on exit and entry in the Republic of Moldova, no.269-XIII as of November 9th 1994
  • Law on legal status of foreigners and stateless persons in the Republic of Moldova, no.275-XIII as of November 10th 1994
  • Law on international treaties of the Republic of Moldova, no.595-XIV as of September 24th 1999
  • Law on citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, no.1024-XIV issued in June 2nd 2000
  • Law on vital acts, no.100-XV as of April 26th 2001
  • Law on diplomatic service, no.761 as of December 27th 2001
  • Law on notary, no.1453-XV as of November 8th 2002
  • Law on migration, no.1518-XV as of December 6th 2002
  • Law on establishing a facilitated visa system, no.365 as of September 25th 2003
  • Law on prevention of human traffic, no.241-XVI as of October 20th 2005
  • Law on canceling of visa system for citizens from EU countries, the United States of America, Canada, the Swiss Confederation, Norwegian Kingdom, the Republic of Island and Japan, no.151-XVI issued in June 8th 2006
  • Law on protection of personal data, no.17-XVI as of February 15th 2007
  • Law on registers, no.71 as of March 22nd 2007


The content of the abovementioned laws can be accessed on the web page of Ministry of Justice: The list is not exhaustive and contains only legislative acts which regulate consular activity itself.


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